Integrating websites

Kayako fusion

You have this great website and decided to add a helpdesk to bring user support at a higher level. You choose Kayako's Fusion or Resolve, the best helpdesk system around. All works great but your users complain or don't use the helpdesk less than expected. The reason, bad integration. They need to register again to get access to the helpdesk and when registered need to login to the helpdesk, even when they have been logged in to your website already.

Wouldn't it be great if your user only need to register once and login once to get access to your website AND your helpdesk? Absolutely! And here is the solution: our Fusion Ultimate Integration solution, short FUIM This software runs under kayako's Fusion or Resolve and can integrate your helpdesk with many websites like Magento, WHMCS, Joomla, osCommerce, Zencart and many more to come. Wordpress being the next in line.

The integration part of the code is open source and can be easely adapted to your website if it is not already supported.

FUIM uses the Kayako login form to login on both sites. Registration can be on either site.
When users update their profile the changes propagate automatically to the other site.

DSLO support

In some situations it would be preferable to have the users login on the integration. One example is Magento where users can register and get logged in during the checkout process. So we need software that allows the user to login on the integration as well. In come our DSLO (distributed single log on) modules. So with FUIM and DSLO for magento a magento site with helpdesk allows users to log on on either site logging the user on to the other site in the background.


Jfusion is free open source integration software. We did a significant part of the programming. This software is hosted on Joomla, so you need always Joomla to run an integration. Jfusion allows for more than two websites to be integrated and a lot of free plugins to handle the integration are available already almost all of these plugins are for free open source software. We sell plugins for Kayako's Fusion and Elite Ladders. We also sell a DSLO module for Magento (Community and Professional versions). You can download this software here including trial licenses and buy paid licenses as well.